Meet David Perez

David Perez is the son of immigrant parents who left Cuba to chase the American dream.

David began his career of public service through a management role for the Miami-Dade County Summer Youth Employment Program before going on to work for the Latin Chamber of Commerce (CAMACOL). He continued to serve his community as a top aide to former Mayor Alex Penelas.

He has lived in Hialeah since 1979, and works as a firefighter, paramedic, and union representative. As a firefighter, David led disaster preparedness and relief efforts for Hurricanes Irma, Matthew, and Erika. He is also a husband, father, and local PTA president.

David Perez is running for the Florida Senate because for too long, special interests have controlled policy in our state capitol. David will go to Tallahassee to fight for the issues that impact the everyday lives of the people of Northwest Dade.